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Great experience in Human Resources Consulting

Great experience in Human Resources Consulting

Heading towards the top. In TASA’s willingness to be seen as THE strategic partner with our clients, taking advantage of our capabilities, we have been transformed by an innovative experience where we tried a different approach to our clients, which we now use regularly.

The capabilities we are taking advantage of in TASA are: our multifunctional team, which is formed by engineers, business administrators & psychologists, who complement each other and who add value gathering perspectives from oil, retail, professional services & financial sectors, with more than 15 years of experience in executive search and with a strong worldwide network where partnership & transparency is a must, Agilium Worldwide.

Our innovative approach.

We talk to our clients about Harvard Business School’s Congruence Model, and the benefits of following it. This model defines STRATEGY (where is the north), as the starting point, it aligns procedures towards this strategy and sets the basis for a solid definition of the organizational structure (eases things to be done). Once we have these defined, TASA evaluates people working in the organization and classifies talent, according to their potential & performance. Gaps found are treated with accelerated monitoring tools to transform behaviors into habits, aiming to develop areas to improve and accomplish goals. In parallel with this, we also intervene culture by a sophisticated model which compares and manages current culture vs the one required, to obtain strategic goals, as well as managing willingness to change, which is mandatory. Assessments can go as deep as desired. A real picture of executive’s competences, strengths and areas to improve, career/life purpose/path and the right alignment to culture, allows executives to move within their SWEET SPOT. It was awesome how we got to understand the business and the people. We traveled to all their sites in the country, even remote sites, and gained a profound understanding of their people, operation, business and strategy.

You need congruence to make a business successful.



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