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octubre 28, 2020


We had a wonderful three-day virtual meeting. The first one ever under virtuality terms, technology was on our side, no interruptions, neither disconnections. It turned out well.  Average 40 people connected at the same time and   XX firms participated.

It started with a warm welcome to new members, they showed their businesses and did a presentation of their experience, best practices, values, teams and expectations to work with a network as ours.

We were separated into different rooms and got to talk to each other, enhance our relationships, share new experiences, everybody with a spirit to foster ideas exchange. A common denominator was the need to leverage on technology maintaining our near relationships with clients.

The client is our driver, aiming to exceed expectations is a constant in our conversations.

The main pillars of the meeting were strengthening networking relationships, boost joint business development, communication and digital marketing. We have been working thoroughly in Agilium Worldwide´s web page.

Also, our webmaster left us homework to do, writing content to share knowledge and experiences. Even though it has been a must in our group, it supports search engines. “REMEMBER TEXT IS THE KING in the search engine optimization”, he said.


  1. We have a resilient and reliable group which, despite COVID, continued working with an innovative sense. 
  2. Client driven.
  3. Technology is an important tool to our business combined with accurate consultancy concepts.
  4. We share values of respect, honesty and willingness to do things the right way.

At the end we did a picture contest with funny pictures of each country.



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